About iPupil

Key Benefits

  • Increased competitive advantage
  • An effective communication tool
  • An information tool for current pupils and parents is a product that has been in development in Northern Ireland for almost 2 years that works as a website and an in-depth communication and information resource for primary schools. The key objective of this product is to put professionally designed and developed websites within the reach of primary schools. iPupil websites will help showcase a school, acting as a dynamic online digital prospectus that is adaptable and easy to maintain.

iPupil's affordable website solutions are tailored for primary schools - we provide full training and on-going support to ensure that each school is able to manage their own website. More and more primary schools are finding that an online presence is becoming vital for helping to shape a school's reputation; iPupil's websites are designed to empower them to take control of how a school is perceived.

Being online means that everything about a school - its diary, curriculum and achievements - are available for pupils and parents to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The benefits include:

  • Increased competitive advantage: - increased exposure allows a school to compete better against other schools in its local area, making the website an efficient and capable marketing tool.
  • An effective communication tool: - with more and more people using the web as a research and educational tool, having a web presence is vital to highlight the goals that a school strives for and the achievements that it has reached.
  • An information tool for current pupils: - the value of having an iPupil website is not only about attracting new pupils but also as another means of keeping in touch with existing pupils and parents alike.

iPupil has plans to extend the capability of the product offering in the near future so that school websites can themselves be used as teaching aid for the Revised Curriculum. More news on these exciting developments will appear here soon.

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