• Is it awkward to make changes to a school web site once it is in place?

    It is a priority for us that it is as simple and straightforward as possible for you to maintain your school web site, without technical knowledge or lots of fiddly applications, and without having to worry about compromising the look and feel of the site. We provide a user friendly Content Management System (CMS) which provides a simple way to:

    • Manage news items
    • Manage calendar events
    • Change text and manage pictures
    • Manage staff lists and pictures
  • How much does it cost?

    Call us free on 0845 643 5890. We don't believe you'll find anywhere else that offers a comparable combination of design quality, ease of maintaining and face-to-face contact at this value. Specific cost depends on what you want to have on the site. If you feel you want a degree of content and functionality very similar to one of the school web sites we have already built we can give you a guideline price on that basis, before fixing the price with you upon confirmation of requirements.

  • Will we meet a member of the iPupil team in person?

    Absolutely. We will be happy to meet with the school principal and ICT co-ordinator or other staff at your school to go through it all with you and give a demonstration of how straightforward maintaining the site will be. Once you've signed up to it, the process of building your web site includes two on-site visits, at the beginning and towards the end of the process.

  • How much work does the school need to put into the process of building the site?

    Basically the school provides the text, pictures and any downloads, e.g. school documents. You will be given a template to fill in all text and guidelines on the photographs to provide.

  • What if I find a problem with maintaining the web site after the work is completed?

    We will agree with you, on paper, early in the process, what you will and will not be able to do, so there shouldn't be any surprises. You will receive a manual that you can refer to if you want to check how any aspect of the functionality is used, and an on-site visit will be arranged after your site has gone live should you have further questions. Bug fixes are included for three months after your site goes live. If you would like the comfort of additional support this is charged at an hourly rate with a discount on a batch of five hours.